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28/12/2022 8:49

Workshop “Policy and current status of BIM application for infrastructure in Vietnam and BIM–ADSCIVIL solution for infrastructure projects”


On November 12, 2022, Faculty of Bridge and Road Construction, University of Science and Technology in collaboration with Baezeni Software Co., Ltd. successfully organized the workshop " POLICY AND CURRENT STATUS OF BIM APPLICATION FOR INFRASTRUCTURE IN VIETNAM AND BIM–ADSCIVIL SOLUTION FOR INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS”.

The workshop attracted more than 70 participants including government, technical staff, experts from the related departments, divisions, boards of regional provinces such as Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, board chairman of the Da Nang Road and Bridge Association; managers and technicians of consulting enterprises in the Central and Central Highlands regions; lecturers and students of the Faculty of Bridge and Road Construction and the Faculty of Civil Construction.

Some keynotes were presented including:

- Updating new policies and BIM application status for infrastructure in Vietnam, by Dr. Ta Ngoc Binh, Head of Investment Economics Research Department, Institute of Construction Economics, Deputy leader of expert group assisting BIM Steering Committee - Ministry of Construction;

- Introduction of Baezeni Software Co., Ltd and ADSCivil software suite, by MSc. Pham Van Bach, CEO of Baezeni Software Co., Ltd.;

- General ADSCivil data environment - BIM, by Eng.Nguyen Thanh Binh, Technical Chief of Baezeni Software Co., Ltd.;

- Sharing experiences in applying BIM technology for the dam downstream Tra Khuc river project, Quang Ngai province and the challenge of human resources, by Dr. Cao Van Lam, Dean of the Faculty of Road and Bridge Construction;

- 3D BIM model for designing and simulating infrastructure works (ADSCivil combined with TWINMOTION) by Eng. Vu Duc Toan, expert of Baezeni Software Co., Ltd.

During the more than 2 hours of the discussion session, the delegates of investors, consultants, contractors and management agencies expressed the interest in the feasibility of applying information modeling (BIM) in project planning, design, construction, management and maintenance. Prominent concerns are policies, specific guidelines, especially, the current cost and human resources that cannot meet the widespread application for this technology.

For answering questions for delegates from the provinces, Dr. Ta Ngoc Binh, BIM Steering Committee of the Ministry of Construction, clearly presented the necessity and role of BIM application throughout the life cycle of the project. Besides, Dr. Binh also informed delegates about updated policies and guidelines related to unit cost, human resource training or technical instructions for the BIM application in each phase of the project.

In addition, experts from Benzeni Software Co., Ltd presented and answered questions about BIM-ADS Civil solutions in infrastructure design and data environment. ADSCivil suite that help creating fully automatic and accurate models from different design software, exchange design content with project components, thereby finding out conflicts.

Some highlight pictures from the workshop
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