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28/12/2022 8:53

Semina “BIM AND ADSCIVIL APPLICATION IN TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE” was taken place on October 3, 6, 10 and 13, 2022 at the Department of Highway Engineering office – University of Transport & Communication. The representative of Baezeni software company (the owner of the ADSCivil solution) had introduced and discussed with lecturers about new features and applications of the ADSCivil solution suite in design transport infrastructure.

Topics discussed in the seminar including:

- Editing and processing of topographic surface data

- Alignment design, survey, upgrade and renovation, traffic safety design, intersection design, urban drainage network design.

- Building information model for infrastructure (BIM), building Virtual Project Viewer model (ADSCivil VPV), Twinmotion - a real-time 3D immersion, interactive 3D building model (Unreal Engine), etc.

Through the seminar program, the lecturers of the department also have a better understanding of the features of the solution suite. Thereby also they might plan to introduce and guide to students about new technology in road surveying and design. On the other hand, through academic discussion, the department also contributed to build some practical features related to design survey and construction information modeling (BIM) so that the company could develop ADSCivil's solution is getting more complete.

It is hopeful that the upcoming cooperation projects between the Department and Baezeni Software Co., Ltd. will be successful!

Some remarkable pictures in the seminar:
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