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14/12/2021 13:55

After the launch of the ADSCivil Intersection product, we have received positive feedback and compliments from our customers. In the process of business development, along with a plan to develop new products and sharing difficulties during the covid-19 epidemic with our accompany customers, we send you the biggest promotion of the year.

For customers buying new products:

  • Get 50% off ADSCivil Intersection as buying ADSCivil Road, additional 5% discount of total value

  • Get free ADSCivil Intersection as buying any set of 4 modules, additional 10% discount of total value

  • Get free ADSCivil Intersection as buying a set of 6 modules, additional 20% off discount of total value

For customers upgrading products:

  • 50% discount on upgrading and updating Intersection modules with upgrade customers

Especially for customers in the epidemic region center who are in the time of social distancing according to Government's Directive 16 (Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, An Giang, Long An etc.). In addition to the above promotions, we will give away the corresponding network license and quantity illimitation.

  • As customers buy 1 new license, they will be given 1 network license to use for 6 months. Customers can divide it into 2 licenses for 3 months or 6 licenses for 1 month etc. It will be convenient, reasonable and flexible during working from home. It helps the tasks to be completed, avoiding contact and spread Covid-19 virus.

  • Moreover, we are ready to have unlimited implementation for businesses in epidemic areas, please contact us for the best service.

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